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Athiti homestay & food junction is located in Sombaray Bazar, Gorubathan, Near Bus Stand Reshi Road. You can easily get cabs or rent any vehicle to reach Athiti homestay & food junction.

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Our accommodation service includes free parking, free wifi and restarent and many more. Come and visit Athiti homestay & food junction.

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Customers all around India have loved their stay with us at Athiti homestay & food junction. We are pleased to have such wonderful customers and we continuously try to give our best to make our dear customers happy.

atithi homestay and food junction

best city hostel

To experience the beauty of the tarai and the hills you must visit Atithi Homestay & Food Junction once in your lifetime. Along with the beauty and the best experiences you will also experience the warm and welcoming weather of Gorubathan which is especially temperate weather. The hospitality provided by Athithi Homestay & Food Junction is admirable.

Athithi Homestay presents you many more besides the cozy and welcoming stay and the beautiful views of the mountains, tea estates and the river view. You can always feel at home when you are in Athithi Homestay in Gorubathan, the people here are welcoming and kind.

We provide fooding and lodging for our customers, we prepare foods in our own kitchen with local flavors and taste of local organic vegetables. Athithi Homestay & Food Junction also provides free parking spots and free wifi facilities.To all the keen explorers Atithi Homestay also provides various tours and packages.

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